Contract & Commercial Litigation

From routine business litigation to complex, “bet the company” cases and matters covered extensively in the press, TLG attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of significant lawsuits.  Through trial, binding arbitration, mediation or other resolution, TLG represents clients in virtually all types of contract and commercial litigation in venues throughout California and the nation.

TLG understands that the manner in which the case is handled is as important as a successful outcome.  All cases should be valued as well as legally evaluated, and the cost of securing an outcome should not be disproportionate to the amounts in controversy.

Since a successful outcome is the result of a collaborative effort between the attorney and client, consistent communication is essential.  All calls and emails will be promptly responded to, and your written agreement with the firm will list the direct phone number of the attorney handling your file, as well as the direct phone number of the managing partner.  If requested, we will also accommodate special reporting and other administrative requirements dictated by company policies.  One objective of this communication is to ensure that the litigation will be conducted in accordance with expectations to minimize the potential for surprise.

If liability insurance is potentially available in the matter, the case must be very carefully directed and handled in accordance with the complex coverage issues which may exist, initially to secure the coverage, and to work within any disputed coverage to successfully defend the matter with insurance proceeds.  TLG attorneys have substantial experience identifying insurance coverage and working cooperatively with insurance carriers to resolve the litigation. 

Representative technology industries served by TLG include:

  • Computers, Software, Printers and Other Peripherals
  • Computer Design Architecture, CAD Systems and Computer Diagnostic Systems
  • Global Web Portal, Search Engine, and Content Providers
  • Networking, Lasers, Optics, Optical Networking Components
  • Communications Test And Measurement, Wireless, RF and Microwave
  • Industrial Automation, Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing, Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities and Process Gas Management Systems
  • Digital and Analog Semiconductors
  • ASICS, DRAM and Flash Memory Modules and Systems
  •  Defense and Homeland Security Technologies
  • Toxic Gas Detection Devices and Systems
  • Telecommunications and Data Management Tools
  • Materials, Optical Coatings and Precision Fluid Metering