Landslide Litigation

TLG attorneys have successfully litigated cases involving earth movement on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants throughout California. Our cases range from simple land movement disputes between neighboring residences to major landslides that result in catastrophic damage, complete with front-page headlines and lead stories for television news stations.

Our attorneys have proven adept at resolving cases that involve damage to land supporting large apartment buildings, retail and commercial structures, as well as single-family residences and raw land. TLG represents clients in the complex, multi-party, civil litigation, as well as the associated administrative proceedings before building and planning departments.

Because these cases frequently involve millions of dollars in remediation, property damage, loss of use and other damages, it is critical to identify and engage potential liability insurance. TLG attorneys have extensive experience dealing with most major insurance carriers, navigating complex insurance coverage issues and disputes in order to successfully achieve the economic objectives of the litigation.

It is also important to fully understand the complex causes of the event(s), the appropriate remediation required, and to fully and accurately assess the costs involved. TLG attorneys have a comprehensive database of consultants, having worked for decades with distinguished independent expert consultants in various related fields.