Mergers and Acquisitions

TLG attorneys handle M&A transactions involving technology entities. The firm handles domestic transactions, as well as offshore acquisitions of U.S. companies. In addition to experienced legal representation and negotiation of the transaction, TLG adds significant value to transactions involving technology companies through its experience and due diligence contributions: reviewing technology contracts; analyzing intellectual property assets and issues; reviewing technology license agreements; reviewing outsourcing, consultancy and technology services agreements; analyzing data privacy and security policies and issues; assessing online activities, properties and agreements; reviewing real estate leases, guarantees and issues; checking corporate records and compliance issues; analyzing banking and collateral issues, particularly in the area of intellectual property assets; addressing employment issues, including separations, retention agreements, benefits, policies and claims; analyzing insurance issues and assessing legal risk management; analyzing litigation, claims and known risks, and developing strategies to resolve disputes or mitigate anticipated loss. TLG assesses legal risks and, in appropriate instances, structures solutions, such as specialized insurance products, indemnities, phased holdbacks, bonding, tiered earn-outs, and other strategies to significantly mitigate or eliminate many of the legal and business risk factors identified, effectively enhancing the combined business value and economics of the deal.