Privacy and Data Security

TLG attorneys assist technology companies and others dealing with the evolving patchwork of federal, state, EU and other law and policy governing privacy and data security matters. The firm assists international companies, including safe harbor members, with EU-compliant contract provisions, and deals with special issues, such as internet search and co-branding, which require more complex, tailored solutions.

The firm also represents clients in litigation matters arising from privacy claims and related causes of action. In many cases involving privacy claims, liability insurance is available, and prior identification of potential coverage and implementation of an insurance strategy is critical to managing the legal risk which is inherent in this area. It is important to have an experienced attorney review business liability insurance coverage, and to include appropriate insurance provisions in contracts with vendors and other parties where privacy issues exist.

TLG attorneys have substantial experience dealing with the complex limitation of liability, risk and insurance issues which arise in the areas of privacy and data security. In the event of a lawsuit, the firm has litigation attorneys with significant experience in privacy matters. Our attorneys are also able to work with clients’ insurers to reimburse expenses and successfully resolve the matter.